Feel free to check out anything so long as you return it in 2 weeks.


Scans and scanlations for thousands of manga, manhua, manhwa, doujin
[Censored by the Feds]
Harlan Ellison: I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
Johannes Itten, Faber Birren: The Elements of Color
Graphic Design Reading
Rec: Thinking With Type, Never Use Futura
Kirby 20th Anniversary Encyclopedia Artbook
Biohazards Symbol: Development of a Biological Hazards Warning Symbol
Thinking About and Discussing Art
If you need somewhere to start when analyzing art

Computer Lab


I use it for when I'm having trouble drawing a figure at an odd angle.
See where your time really goes.
calibre - E-book management
Exact Audio Copy


Adobe Stock
A great resource for quick-fire figure drawing and reference photos.
Comparing Heights
Custom rough estimates of height differences between figures in cm and in.
hikaku sitatter
Similar concept to Comparing Heights.
UXMovement: How Color Saturation Affects User Efficiency
Alain Briot: Color Harmony in Nature Photography
I suggest checking out the other five pages that cover Color Harmony as a concept.
Hello, Print Friend (formerly Pine Copper Lime)
A printmaking podcast.
RGO's Wonders of the Retro Gaming World
A survey of odd but technically impressive peripherals from the 80's-90's.
CA Academy of Sciences' NightSchool series
Informal classes covering natural sciences.
Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots
San Juan Daily Star
A daily paper published in English and Spanish.
Galerie de l’UQAM: 150 years 150 works
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Tate - Art Terms
(Smithsonian) National Postal Museum
Holodomor Survivors
Web Design Museum
Visual;Conference | The VN Dev Conference
EarthEcho Water Challenge
Robert Rodriguez - Ten More Minutes: The Anatomy of a Shootout
Scott E. Fahlman - Smiley Lore
Olympic Games - The Design
Reference and analysis of Olympic graphic designs since its conception
Master Drawings - visualconstructs
PBS KVIE Viewfinder
General interest programs aired from Sacramento, California

Fun stuff

Future Sound
A (sadly short-lived) comic about a prototype model Miku trying to return the joy of music to a soundless city.
Lotta Svärd: Women of War
Slice of life/historical comic by an artist I admire.
Through Time and Space
A Pokémon Nuzlocke comic by my dA pal Pyro.
Megami Quest 2
Fun browser idle RPG.
Ragey's Totally Bombastic Bomberman Shrine Place
JP>ENG Bombergirl Comics
Heart's Illumination
A short but pleasant TH game jam game
Untamed Heart forums
An active Klonoa community
Translations of interviews with game devs.
hanzou's pokemon stuff
Joey Perleoni's Mario Party DS Anti Piracy series
An amateur but hilarious project based on the zoomer "Anti Piracy screen" trend.
Mario Kart Blog
Incredible resource for MK players with a focus on competitive MK8DX (Japanese only)
Klonoa: Dream Crusaders
A fanmade continuation of the cancelled Klonoa: Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol comic.
The Story of MKDasher - A Mario Kart Documentary
Super Ika Maker
The original Splatoon dressup game.
Mebuita's Ika-chan Icon Maker
Yumemi Melancholy (English Patch)
A 30 minute long, fully-voiced horror ADV