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9/04/2022: Library update: CDs 'SWING HOLIC VOL.05' and 'SWING HOLIC VOL.06.'

7/27/2022: Blog post: I'm in a gallery

7/20/2022: Minor CSS crap and reformatting, Works update, Graphics update.

7/05/2022: Library update, CD 'A Sugar Business,' Graphics update.

6/22/2022: Blog post: Summer vacation. Be back soon~

6/5/2022: Library update, minor CSS changes. (Up next, a blog post, and updating the Works page...)

5/26/2022: Library update, CDs 'MAD RAT DEAD Original Soundtrack' (Original and Vol.2).

5/03/2022: Library update, CD 'Dodonpachi Dai-ou-jou / Ketsui Kizunajigokutachi Original Sound Track.'

4/18/2022: Minor fixes and updating old pages with an incorrect button.

4/11/2022: Graphics update, new blog (review) post: PIXEL PUZZLE COLLECTION.

3/25/2022: Library update, CD 'Hoshi no Kirby 64 Original Soundtack.' I'm a little busy lately.

3/11/2022: Library update, CD 'The Fantastic Diagram of Futuristic Playdreams.'

3/02/2022: Library update, CD 'INNERVE.'

2/24/2022: Graphics update, Library update, CD 'Morning View.'

2/16/2022: Library update, CDs 'Family Swing' and 'Otogi.'

2/08/2022: Library update, CD 'teneritas', and Cresselia page. Happy early Valentine's!

2/05/2022: Repurposed the 'Music' page into a 'Library' for all kinds of links (that includes music). Not every page is updated yet.

1/30/2022: New pages: Mew, Calyrex, Spectrier gijinkas.

1/26/2022: New page: 'Free Coloring Pages,' in Works. Enjoy!!!

1/19/2022: New blog post: KAFU's extensive Commissioned Demo Library

1/16/2022: New blog post: Bad∞End∞Night manga; Works page added

1/15/2022: Some more Graphics and random things here and there.

1/09/2022: First blog post. It's about my Picross addiction.

1/06/2022: Added the About me page and some new banners

1/04/2022: Added the Full Changelog and Graphics pages

1/03/2022: Nice version of site operating and some bases are about ready.