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6/22/2022: Summer vacation

A little life update on a big day.

From today to July 4th, I'll be hosting a vacation for a certain special user. You can imagine my anxiety and excitement!! I've hosted elementary sleepovers, but never an international visitor. It doubles as a date, which for me is... lol... unknown territory, IRL at least. It hasn't been without its untimely circumstances and minor quarrels (between the old man and I, we're fine) but things have progressed smoothly. Family and I will do our best to make it worth her while. Gonna have to spend the evenings completing work for my summer class and illustrating something due on the 30th, but I'll manage as always.

Also, I was bored after cooking up a steak dinner for bro and I, so I used the rest of these cookie mix bags my grandmother gifted me a while back. I've a shitton of sugar cookies now; please, feel free to take one.

QOTD: Have you ever met an online buddy? Happy Summer and avoid heat stroke ;)