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1/19/2022: KAFU's extensive Commissioned Demo Library

(Amazing) Art by Akasia

"君と咲いていたいと (I want to bloom alongside you)"

The little CEVIO AI vocal that could... it's KAFU (可不), the 'musical isotope' form of utaite KAF; simply put, a character of a character. Real people and reality are for chumps. Excluding KAF's own skills and popularity, we can attribute KAFU's success to her heavy marketing campaign: 20+ songs commissioned from VOCALOID musicians all across Japan. While many remain her most popular songs, a simple Youtube search (or long music sessions with your friend) would show she's getting healthy use from producers old and new. It's nice!

(Said friend purchased KAFU a few months ago, so I've since become a fan. I'm currently egging her on to complete a cover or an original track.)

Anyway, I couldn't find a comprehensive KAFU demo playlist on Youtube, so I put one together tonight. I hadn't heard quite a few of them before; it might be that KAFU and CEVIO as a software are simply more popular in Japan (as opposed to its rival[?], SynthV). Just wanted to share the playlist and some songs I consider highlights! What tracks stand out to you?

The Highlights: