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This is a bottom-of-the-barrel website. I hope you hate it.

Beware, this front page and the 'Graphics' page are a little flashy (heavy use of GIFs). I've kept it to a minimum on the other pages.

Cool sites worth checking out

The Mushroom Kingdom - got Mario?

Recent updates:

5/03/2022: Library update, CD 'Dodonpachi Dai-ou-jou / Ketsui Kizunajigokutachi Original Sound Track.'

4/18/2022: Minor fixes and updating old pages with an incorrect button.

4/11/2022: Graphics update, new blog (review) post: PIXEL PUZZLE COLLECTION.

3/25/2022: Library update, CD 'Hoshi no Kirby 64 Original Soundtack.' I'm a little busy lately.

3/11/2022: Library update, CD 'The Fantastic Diagram of Futuristic Playdreams.'

3/2/2022: Library update, CD 'INNERVE.'